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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 4, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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selected and this happened weeks ago. any controversy was left outside the cathedral. this mood outside was festive. hundreds of catholics came to witness the installation of their new leader in san francisco. >> and this is a big day for catholics. yes. >> escorted by security officers he waved to people waiting outside of the cathedral and followed tradition, entering through the bronze doors. not everyone was allowed to witness the ceremony, outside a group cheered him on but gay activists made themselves heard. he is a big opponent of same-sex marriages and this turned into a heated debate. >> the family believes a
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marriage between one man and one woman. >> there is nothing wrong with being gay and with our right to marry so we're here to stand against his installation as archbishop. >> the spokesperson for the archdiocese says he is willing to listen. >> he wants to listen to people in the parishes and wants to hear their needs. >> he recently found himself in an awkward position after ak rested on suspicion of drunk driving in late august. shortly after, issuing this statement i apologize and feel shame for disgrace i brought about the church and myself. >> and this is the same ballpark in the family. and the family gathers around and supports and i think that is what's happening here. >> and there is a message about unity among catholics. these students say they're positive about the church. >> from what i know i think
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our people goring to be interested. >> our community will be more respected. >> and he is supportive of immigrants and undocumented workers in this country. inside his first service will be this sunday in east palo alto. and there is a church that has many latino immigrants. i'm live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and there is a woman accused of abandoning her 10-year-old daughter is now in custody in the santa clara county sheriff's office. marcy keelan arrested last week with her 11-month-old son and a male companion excited and -- exindicted and handed over from sheriff deputies. police say the 38-year-old left her daughter behind when caught shop rifting a car full of groceries.
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she faces burglary and child endanger oomt if you live in a rural part of the bay area you may have receive aid bill for fire coverage and wondering y today they sued the state claiming the fee is unconstitutional. and we have the report from sacramento. >> there is a panel caught it on fire. >> and this is almost done having his garage rebuilt after a fire destroyed it. there is no cost to fight the fire and there is sometime after receiving a bill for 150s oodz where did this come from? i don't want to pay that. there are bills began going out to 825,000 mostly rural california residents who live in what is called sra, state responsibility areas where cal fire responds to fires.
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part of a 2011 deal between governor and democrats saying the fee, generating about $40 million a year is legitimate because the once rural lands face greater right after this ook they pass that tax increase with a vote. >> the taxpayer association just filed a lawsuit claiming that that fee is a tax. it means legislature needed a super majority to be valid. the group wants homeowners refunded. >> we're having them pay it and we follow the lawsuit against that tax base seeking to invalidate it. >> in light of a year seen 1300 more fires state wide, cal fire says the fee is critical. the agency's budget has been deducted by the amount the fire fee supposed to bring in this year. >> there is a majority coming out of the general fund. it goes up and goes down with the economy. with this new funding source with the fee, it's providing a
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stable funding source to help us preprevent lashlgest wildfire autos and i would like to get my name in there to see if we can get cancelled out. >> in sacramento abc 7 news. >> there is gas stations beginning to run dry this, owner has shut down because he'd have to charge $6 a gallon to turn a profit. gasoline are at the lowest they've been in five years, experts blaming it on a supply problem caused in part by the chevron refinery fire in august and pipeline outages in other parts of the state. and the average price in california is now $4.32 a gallon. and that is up eight cents overnight. and 20 cents in just the past week. and a $5 a gallon a more is
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not out of the question we're told. >> and a 65-year-old marine in jail accused of killing two close friends. there are police say he walked from his house to neighbor as cross the street and gunned his friends down in the front yard. abc 7 news is live at vallejo police headquarters. do they know why he did this yet? >> there are police releasing no new details but neighbors and friends tell us they'd often argue and debate about issues like sports or politics. but never seemed to them it would mean spirited and wasn't violent. and this is until last night. >> they were great friends. and... amazing men. >> those who knew the men are trying to figure out what made their neighbor snap and apparently turn on his friends.
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>> this is just something triggered. not sure, we have no details yet. >> the suspect is a 6 a5-year-old who police say walk add cross the street and shot his neighbor. >> i asked my neighbor what is going on. and there are two dead bodies in the front yard. >> police say he went into his house, keeping a s.w.a.t. team at bay. a negotiator talked him out. >> and does he have guns? >> yes. he was an exmarine. you know? he mentioned it here and there. >> the veteran of the vietnam war, friends saip he lived alone, hung out with a larger group of people in the neighborhood. >> they were laughing and watching tv. really good friends. >> police are not identifying the two killed but those close to them say they were both
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married and each has a grown daughter, one is a local contractor. the other, also a local business, and family man. >> we loved him so much. he knew we lived him. we told him all the time. and he's going to be missed by us. >> two victims were 50 and 58 and there are police not yet releasing their names. >> and laura, thank you. >> there city officials say they will call attention to a new version of an old crime fighting tool, asking for witnesses to come forward anonymously through text or e mail. it's a program they're calling tip watch. >> this is planly, violence occurs because it's allowed to continue. this is accepted on levels by
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individuals and by groups and that is not right. >> five people were killed raising the number killed by gun violence to 90 so far this year and there are residents saying oakland for the most part is a safe place to live. >> there is a lot of issues in pockets, if you're playing with the crowd then that is what is going to happen. >> and there are police saying people who submit tips cannot be identified. the information is enkriftd and web secure aacross the bay a man in custody since august has been charge md a double murder case. two men found shot and later died after a street fight in visitation valley raft july 30th. police work wtd fbi and u.s. attorneys to build a case.
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and. >> we have taken time to measure twice and cut once now we're happy to be with -- charging this guy with a homicide charge. >> he's accused of killing a 25-year-old and 27-year-old in what police say was a gang related shooting. >> in san jose there is a stolen puppy back in the arms of his young owner, take a look. this is the tearful reunion between the 10-year-old and her little dog, nico. thieves stole the dog on monday and yesterday, she pleaded for his safe return offering her piggy bank savings. today, they came forward saying a woman gave her the puppy after finding it wandering in a parking lot. >> i think thank you to everybody. and there is i just can't
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believe it right now. and this is so happy, now. >> amid hugs and tears firefighters presented her with a $6,000 check. she accepted that check and did not take marisa's piggy bank money. >> so sweet. so happy for her. >> yes. yes. >> she was so hurt. >> coming up blue angels back and have begun a practice run as we continue tonight on abc 7 news we're going to show you the secret weapon they brought with them this year for fleet week. >> also ahead an unusual fleet week warning tonight from the government. and an appeal to help safe the whales off the california coast. >> there is a wernl cooling down but there may be showers coming our way. i'll tell but that in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> you know what it takes to mend a broken heart. tonight what it takes to build one.
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>> that familiar sound of fleet week that. roar can only mean they're back flying over san francisco playway. they spent spent the day practicing jogs. there, you can see one. there is blue angels will be out practicing again, tomorrow. and anyone who has watched the blue angels is left wondering how they can fly so close. crew members shared secrets this morning while stationed in san francisco international airport. and leaders said they used the
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flight to survey the area picking out visual cues and the rest keep an eye on the other jets wing lettering. fans are in for a real treat this year making a debut is this plane. it's an f-22 raptor, an actual air force combat plane. >> this is nothing change fd something were to happen we can sent them into combat right now. >> and there is the pilot says it can make razor sharp turns you know it's fleet week. the world series is here as well. there will be a lot of boats on the bay so today there is a warning out for those out on the water this week and
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weekend. >> there is a whale behind me here in the bay. there is a sighting of a hump back whale inside of the bay. there have been several whales cited just beyond golden gate bridge close to shore that. is why there is this warning to boaters. now in anticipation, of the large activity of increase in activity in this say the farallons naggal marine sanctuary is concerned there may be a collision so they want to prevent that. and they're wanting anyone in the water this weekend and they believe the whale may have been chasing fish when they feed on. here is advice from mary jane shram for those of you who plan to go on the bay. >> have you to stay 300 feet away. you never cut between a female and her calf.
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and don't change your vessel direction or speed sharply. give them space. >> there is where she ponts out you can't see it often in the water so you have to look like the whale's blow which look like puffs of smoke. they do this before taking a dive. so whales by the way are protected so the penalties are severe so if you're going out in the bay this weekend with careful. we're talking about protecting our dolphins and all of our friends out here in this bay. >> because of fleet week and america's cup it's going to be a weekend of congestion on the streets of san francisco to be sure there are warning signs
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advising drivers throughout the north end of the city. golden gate bridge direct announced it will be running buses and ferries in san francisco likely points of congestion here is a map that include land's end and chrissy field. there is baker going to be crowded as well and there will be half a dozen other special events to find out how to get there using public transportation go to abc 7 then click on the event you're going to. there it is. and there is a lot going on this weekend. >> it's great. you want to know what is the weather going to be like? >> there is condition that's will be favor rabl. it's a good thing it's over the weekend.
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we might have showers and there is a live view you can see sunny skies over the bay and over our inland locations there is and has been fog at the coast and it's beginning to, well, it has begun to spill throughout the golden gate just a little bit. there is a look, you can see the fog against the coastline there and this is governor has not happened there is 65 across the bay in oakland. 72 inland east bay and there is temperatures dropping off sharply and 14 degrees cooler now in concord. 15 degrees cooler in antioch, livermore, one degree in san francisco. and going against trend is half moon bay. it's one degree warmer than
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this hour last evening. clouds and fog will be pushing inland. partly cloudy skies friday through sunday, the weekend, showers, chance of showers early next week, monday, tuesday, smaflt. starting out at 7:00 this evening, there continuing to see a inland push and pushing far inland in fact by 5:00 we'll have a lot of low clouds around and reduced visibility. low temperatures overnight and in early morning hours dropping into low to mid-50s and cool overnight period. let's resume at 5:00 and there is mild and this low you can see spinning here will make a move on monday and there is a showers and tuesday, there is a continuing chance of showers, we're talking about just a chance of showers tomorrow, sunny skies into the south bay.
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highs into low to mid-70s there is highs of 69 in san mateo. 71 palo alto there is downtown san francisco, 64 degrees tomorrow, up into north bay there is pleasantly cool, highs into low 70s up to about 72 in sonoma and napa. there is 70s in union city. highs into 70s, 74 concord, 73 walnut creek. 76 livermore and near monterey bay, 60s near the bay, 70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is is a continued cooling pattern then more clouds monday, tuesday, just a slight chance of showers and there is any rain at all this
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early is interesting. >> sure. >> and wet. >> and necessary. >> up next, eager a's fans
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tonight money matters a warning from google. the company says the cost of cutting jobs at its motorola mobility unit is higher than expected and could rise more, google warns there could be more motorola layoffs. face book reached a new milestone. a billion users every month. and they haven't figured out how to make money on the people who use it on smart phones and tab blets. pg&e plans to consolidate gas and electricity operations in san ramone at bishop ranch business park. 700 employees women relocate there. and the nation dak rose and hewlett-packard fell again today after being down graded by analyst autos and sad news from the oakland a's tonight. relief pitcher and his wife
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lost their first baby. he died last night just 23 hours after birth. fans lined up at the coliseum to buy tickets for playoff games against tigers next week in oakland in american league division series. a's won the championship yesterday and the last game of regular season in which most experts have predicted them to finish last and there is a game time, 3:00 pacific. and there is a lot of fun. >> coming up, your voice, your vote. there is a fact check on the presidential debates. going to point out the one thing that seems to matter more than the truth. >> abc 7 news investigates cuts in the contra costa county courts. what this means for people who have to do business there. >> and there is medical
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after a strong performance in the first presidential debate mitt romney returned to the campaign trail in virginia today using momentum to spell out what he would do to improve the economy and foreign competition. >> people steal our jobs through unfair trading practices as china as, i will hold them accountable and call them on the carpet. we cannot let our jobs be stolen unfairly. >> and in denver, president obama ridiculed romney for cutting public television. >> thank goodness, someone is getting tough on big bird. finally. it's about time. we didn't know big bird was driving the federal deficit. >> the president's campaign says mr. obama will take a different approach at the next debate following what most considered a disappointing
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performance. aides say the president will focus on romney's candor, calling him a liar but using softer terms. >> people seem to agree mitt romney scored a win in the debate. president obama told a denver awed -- audience romney misrepresented himself. >> there did the president tell the truth? truth is that that is not what is going to make the difference. >> there president accused mitt romney of proposing tax cuts to the rich that will hurt the middle class. >> average family will pay about $2,000 more. >> numbers are shaky. $5 trillion is the proposed tax cut and the president's number assumes that there will be no change from increased economic growth. and when it came to the health care debate there was a similar aassumption.
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>> i don't understand how you can cut medicare for current recipients. >> fact check? $716 billion is a 10 year projection. the plan save that's much money limiting payments to insurance companies and drug companies and hospitals. they've agreed to reductions. last night both men were relying on their own aassumptions and facts some times took a beating. >> i think people are judging the performance and who seemed more competent and relaxed. >> saying nobody is junling the debate on who had the most factual arguments. both men stretched the truth but based on performance, mitt romney was the winner, it will help in the polls. our political analyst says that is hardly the bottom line. >> the important thing of what happened last night is that the money is going to flow into romney's coffers.
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>> and financial backers needed to see a turn around, and they did. and if this president was relying on just the facts last night should be a wake up call view to do it with passion and energy that is not something we saw last night. >> and that is going to be an exciting finish. >> one of the businesses mitt romney called a loser was electric car maker tesla moators taking out a government energy loan. today, tesla's ceo dismissed worries his company is in trouble. tesla delayed repayment of the loan but says the disclose shurz for a worst case sin nair skbro they're working on an early repayment plan. and ann romney has been booked
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as a guest host on good morning america next week. abc is in discussion was michelle obama for a similar appearance when the first lady's schedule allow autos contra costa county courts gearing up for a round of painful cuts. we've learned that those who will suffer most are those that can least afford it. the superior court announced it will close six courtrooms because it lost millions in recent years in state funding. mostly in the east and west of the county this is where mine minorities and poorest residents live n richmond the courtroom will close and this are cases that will be moved to martinez.
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the same thing happening pittsburgh. when its courtroom goes dark. >> these folks tend to have the least amount of income and least access to public transportation. and just least amount of resources and yet they're being made to take the brunt of the cuts. >> this lawyer's office? richmond and he believes this violates the law. >> when the changes to a court are done in a matter where people are dedeprives after built to have justice in that court it's taking way their constitutional right to access. >> this unemployed student has a child custody case. like many affected by cuts he has no car.
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hamilton lives in oakland a fairly quick trip by bart but when the court closes here he will have to take bart from oakland to dell norte then a bus to martinez. this is a trip that could cost more and could take an hour and a half or two. >> so if i i have a 9:00 court appointment that means very to leave at about 7:00 or 6:30 to get around 6:00. >> many people walk to court or have to take public transportation but to go to martinez it's fundamentally impossible for many. >> police are worried about the court closures and whether the longer trip to martinez will affect cases involving troubled teens. >> there may be missed court dates. >> the closures will go into
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affect at the end of the year except for family courtroom in pitsberg scheduled to close at the end of the month. officials never responded to our request for an interview. >> up next remarkable science behind creating a human heart. >> and there i
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findings of a study out of uc berkeley are raising concerns about the chemical known as bpa showing mothers with high levels had less active thoi roids and the thyroids of newborn boys were more active. there is no impact found among newborn girls and this is commonly found in other containers and in the lining of food and beverage can autos people understand how easy to break a heart but how about making one? there is a group of researchers developed a blueprint they say could have a profound affect. >> through a microscope there is no mistaking beating. these heart cells were created in a bay area lab and have helped researchers unlock secrets of how a heart becomes a heart it helps to know what switches exist how they're connected and what they turn
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on or shut off. >> so this team set out to map the genetic switches locked inside of the dna of embryonic stem cells to see how it becomes a hearts cell. >> this is setting right switches to turn genes on or off. >> to begin, the research had to coax millions of embryonic stem cells into becoming beating heart cells in a petri dish using growth factor that's mimic the environment in the womb. >> my weekends would hinge on whether there were beating cells or not. >> once there were enough of the beating cells they began watching them as they grew and developed extracting their dna and cataloging changes. a process made possible only yeentsly by development of
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powerful new gene sequencing technology. >> human genome announced to great fanfare cost $3 billion to sequence one individual dna. now we can do the same person's dna in a week for $3,000. >> still, it took massive networks of computers to organize the data into a genetic blueprint detailing creation of a heart cell. >> this mind conjure up images of growing hearts, immediate impact likely would be repairing them or perhaps heading off birth defects in babies before they're born. >> this is part of the attraction to understanding this blueprint is that this is very amenable to drug-type intervention. >> the team now hopes to study dna of patients born with congenital heart disease. and possibly identify treatments to turn switches
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back to normal. changing lives of 35,000 babies born with heart defects in the u.s. every year. >> and the team says early targets of the technology could be. >> and coming up a spin on a horror classic. >> there is behin
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well, just in time for halloween a different horror movie opens tomorrow an animated film called franken weenie made by disney, our parent company. don sanchez met with the director, tim burton. >> this is frankenstein and his dog have a special bond.
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can he bring him back to live? tim burton inspired by frankenstein. >> i found them to be a fun of the pieces so that is what i tried to put into this. >> and this is a great production number. >> it was like art coming to live. and i remember feeling this as a child. and they were special. and dramatic. >> inspiring him to go on to beetlejuice and more z it's fan nating for teenager voices if the film. >> this is to when he films you and gives footage to animators they match your eye and body motions. >> and annika schaeffer is ann. >> what does it sound like
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coming from you?. >> sounds like this, victor please help me. >> there is martin landow as a science teacher. >> if i.would have done it on camera it would have been the same way. that is what thrilled me. >> this looks like me years ago. >> there is martin short playing three parts. >> this is so lovely. >> there is a love of people and character. >> skm this experiment takes a turn. monsters are scary. >> yes. yes. this film has an impact. and california adventure, abc 7 news. >> and that is fun.
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>> we've got weather indoors and out doors. let's take a look here there is a sampling of high temperatures compared with high temperatures today in same locations notice how much cooler up to 20 degrees cooler today there is a cool down that is underway. so here is the day planner tomorrow there is partly sunny, 61 degrees and by 4:00 getting ready for america's cup there is sunshine, temperatures into low to mid-60s there is a day planner for hardly strictly blue grass festival. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. there is a cooling pattern and
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partly to mostly sunny skies over the weekend so there is good weather ask a slight chance of showers two weeks from tonight someone go together bank with $49,000 check and this could be you. all have you to do is like us on our facebook page. and that will take you to this page, you can fill out a form and we'll announce the winner here after the 49ers
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join me tonight at 9:00 coming up then caught on tape jumping from a burning building. >> i opened up the door it is like a bunch of people. >> there is a brave young woman helping rescue a family. we'll have the story at 9:00. >> then at 11:00 your daily coffee fix and research shedding light on how it affects our eye sight this is coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> it affects our food. >> yes there is excitement and
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he needed a day off. >> yes. yes. >> there is a series begins on saturday giants went through a work out this afternoon and reaping to take on the champion reds that are managed by dusty baker. there is when san francisco won, barry zito left off the roster. >> this is i'm glad to be healthy this year and like i said having fun is everything so. i plan on having more fun. >> when you get into post season play you're going out there with so much purpose so it's going to be a lot more intense. >> and there is same one
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saturday. and the manager isn't sure if he'll go for game three z as for a's they arrived in detroit today and there is derek parker likely on the mound in game one. and this is boston's record in its worse. after an impressive shut out of the jets 49ers are big favorites. the bills two and two after getting rounded by patriots. and there is buffalo allowing six drives. 49er safety played five season was bill skbz gave these reasons for why the franchise is struggling. >> is that because a lot of guys go out there and pour their heart into it. you never win or feel you're in control of football games
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thachl comes from the coaches and fl us there -- up stairs and just getting right players in place. i understand their backs are against the wall. we can't allow them to do that. >> there is cam trying to bounce back at home this saturday and there is coach saying the speed sister will be more involved with offense. despite averaging 20 yards, he did not touch the ball once during the lost to arizona state after the game i asked for an explanation. >> this is sometimes the ball could have went to them. and this could go to him if playing a certain deep fence. >> and zero carries? fans are going to be scratching their heads. >> i know. there are things he does well and that other guys do well.
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and then, you know, school does a great job so this is dependent on what we're doing at the time. >> with no new labor talks scheduled first two weeks of the hockey league season have been cancelled owners and players trying to figure out how to divide $3 billion in hockey-related rev nuf. and there is a last lockout in 2004. >> that was a big one. >> yes. yes. >> and thank you. >> and that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here have a great night. >> see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a healthcare worker from winnebago, illinois... an internet security engineer from san francisco, california... and our returning champion, an internet marketer from elmhurst, new york... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --


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